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Certification in Programming

The Certification in Programming is one of the prominent programmes at Infoway. The course is targeted at under graduates or graduates or IT professionals who wish to improve their programming skills. The course has been designed to improve the participant’s programming skills, logical thinking and control structures in compliance with CPP compilers.

Eligibility Criteria: SSC
Duration: 13 weeks (4 hours a day)

Our counsellors at the training center will help you get more information on this certification course. Some of the highlights from this course will give you an insight and the benefits.

  • 13-weeks half day course with 360 hours' theory/lab/project including Effective Communication
  • 4 hours per day theory + lab sessions on 6 days a week.
  • Continuous lab and internal assessments during the course, tests and course-end theory and practical exams.
  • Reference Materials provided for almost all modules.
  • Expert faculty from industry with widespread domain knowledge.
  • Courses designed and developed in consultation with the domain experts.
  • Syllabus regularly updated with the latest trends
  • Our well-equipped computer labs with internet that can be accessed for whole day.
  • Free test series on aptitude, general English, effective communication, and interview skills.


  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • C Programming
  • OOPS Using CPP
  • Algorithm and Data Structures
  • Intro to Database
  • Effective Communication

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